Who are my clients?

In day-to-day life a lot of issues can be on your mind and sometimes they can be rather overwhelming. All of a sudden nothing is the same and you need time to clear your thoughts and sort out your feelings. Insecurity, anxiety, disorientation, mental overload, depressive mood, grief. I will provide enough safe space to explore these emotions and situations with you.
My clients often consult me about immediate problems in their lives, crises in relationships, professional or private decision making problems or issues concerning personality development.


Everything on your mind, which cannot be discussed with good friends or family members, can be focus of our counselling sessions.

I specialised in counselling of women and the subject of grieving. Sessions can also be held in English.

Should you be uncertain as to whether psychological counselling is the right approach for your problems, feel free to contact me and we can talk about your concerns. The first step would be to meet for a non-binding first interview, get to know each other and talk about the underlying reasons for the consultation as well as your expectations.

Should you feel comfortable with me and decide to start the counselling process, we can then discuss further details.