way of working and personal attitude

As a counsellor I don't think of myself as an "expert" but rather see myself as a helping hand and confidant at eye level with you. For me it is important to take part in your world of experience and create a supporting relationship filled with understanding and concern which will help you solve your problems on your own. I want you to feel safe and understood so that you can give vent to your feelings and thoughts without inhibition.


You, as a very unique and individual human beeing, are the centre of attention in our sessions. I want to help you evolve your very own abilities and strengths, so that you can get over your current crises and manage to overcome similar situations in the future by your own efforts.


Therefore, my way of working is based on the empirically established person-centred counselling approach, which was developed by Carl Rogers during the mid-20th century. Key elements are authenticity, empathy and acceptance. The counsellor listens attentively, accepts the client unconditionally and wants to fully understand the client. 

Thus, it is my job to lead you further into your perception and reveal concealed thoughts and feelings, so that you can find answers to your problems and work with me on solutions for difficulties and blockages in an anxiety-free and trusting atmosphere

Here are some quotes explainging my way of working and the person-centred approach quite nicely:

When the other person is hurting, confused, troubled, anxious, alienated, terrified; or when he or she is doubtful of self-worth, uncertain as to identity, then understanding is called for. The gentle and sensitive companionship of an empathic stance… provides illumination and healing. In such situations deep understanding is, I believe, the most precious gift one can give to another." - Carl Rogers


"When someone really hears you without passing judgment on you, without trying to take responsibility for you, without trying to mold you, it feels damn good."